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Chrysalis goes bowling with a traditional hat, the kind the Vikings wore when they invented the sport. Since on the internet there’s always someone who wants to correct everyone: I’m aware the Vikings didn’t...

…. I didn’t mean for you to see that…

Flutters cares. Also, the eyes look off on both of them. Noticed that while doing the lines. Couldn’t adjust anymore. Oh well.

Rarity before her morning tea.

Applejack doesn’t mess around when it comes to protecting her farm.

I’m not sure, but I think this is my first attempt at Big Mac. I mean eeyup.

Ssh, don’t tell her about the convention I went to the next day.

It was fun, but I still had to daily pone so I came home a bit early. Also, I just noticed his arms aren’t the same length and now I can’t unsee it.

Look, Twi, I understand you want Spike back, but it’s just going to take a couple of tries before he’s sentient and all. I had no references other than the previous Spike drawing, I...